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 STHOM (Sthomas)

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PostSubject: STHOM (Sthomas)   STHOM (Sthomas) EmptyFri Dec 23, 2016 2:06 am


A friendly, fighting Soldier.

Availability: Yes.
- Abilities:
Uses a blue energy sword when in ultra mode.
Ultra Mode:STHOM enters ultra mode when he's hit enough enemies (or hit the enemy enough.) Colors will invert and time will freeze, giving STHOM time to hit his enemy.
MEGA MODE:Mega Mode activates when STHOM is angry enough. STHOM will bring out a rainbow flame and attack the enemy rapidly.
Color: #00000

Can manipulate the element of light,

- Weaknesses:
Projectiles can be blasted back at him
If enemy is far, all energy attacks will be disintegrated
Ultra Mode is only a 1 time use
Sword can be broken with enough projectiles

- About/Story:
STHOM was left on his own when his parents died before he got to meet them. One day, while in a forest, it started to rain and STHOM got tired. He decided to relax under a tree nearby. A couple of hours later, a rainbow formed, and then another hour later, SO MUCH light emitted onto STHOM that now he has the power of manipulation over light.

- Demo:

- Battles: No battles yet.

- Points: 0/0
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PostSubject: Re: STHOM (Sthomas)   STHOM (Sthomas) EmptyFri Dec 23, 2016 3:39 pm

Just need that demo and an image and you should be good to go Very Happy. Just make sure to introduce yourself
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STHOM (Sthomas)
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