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 The Overworld

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The Overworld Empty
PostSubject: The Overworld   The Overworld EmptyThu Dec 22, 2016 1:46 am

The Overworld


Missions will be assigned to soldiers or armies to complete,and depending on who does best they'll get a certain amount of coins,on missions soldiers will have to take down another soldier,if they accept,they'll have to animate his character taking down the other character,and if they do,they'll win coins,if the attacked soldier responds by making an animation of they taking them down,then they must post a poll to decide who wins,the winner will recieve coins,but if the attacked soldier doesn't respond they'll have to be unavailable for the next week.Missions are assigned by moderators to available soldiers,the attacked soldier must also be available at that time.

Overworld Exploration

The overworld explorations are quests hosted by mods for soldiers or armies,in which they must animate themselves doing an exploration or engaging against a boss,when it's an exploration they'll have to fight against different creatures acording to the ambient the exploration is hosted at,and if they succeed they'll win Coins

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The Overworld
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