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 Collabs n' Joints Guidelines

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PostSubject: Collabs n' Joints Guidelines   Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:38 am

So by the time you've joined you've probably thought at least once of Hosting a collab,and to do so,you must follow this Guidelines,either for Joining a collab,or for Hosting one.Remember to read the site's rules before joining tho.

So when Hosting a collab the first things you should do is,

  • Think of an idea.
  • Make sure that idea is entertaining to watch,and fun to animate,because if it's not,nobody'll join your collab.
  • Check that the idea hasn't been done before,so that it's original,so people will join.
  • At after doing the mentioned above,create a thread for people to join your collab

So when making your thread,you must follow this guidelines,

  • Collab name
  • Banner for the collab[OPTIONAL]
  • Idea of the collab(Explain the collab's idea in an understandable way)
  • Rules of the collab(Canvas size,animation programs permited,Framerate,etc)
  • Template[OPTIONAL]
  • Participant list
  • Due date
  • Collab's Support Signature[OPTIONAL]

The optional rules mentioned above are to make your collab thread look a bit better,to attract participants.I also recomend putting a keyword  that people have to say to confirm that they've read the rules.

When joining a collab,make sure to compromise to finish your part,and try to make it good,make an effort to name all your symbols
When joining a collab,make sure to read all the rules,and to hand in your part before the due date.

That's all!Thanks for reading.
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Collabs n' Joints Guidelines
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