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 [READ BEFORE POSTING HERE]Starting a Business(Business Guidelines)

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PostSubject: [READ BEFORE POSTING HERE]Starting a Business(Business Guidelines)   Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:39 pm

The Business Guidelines

Starting a business

When startin a business you must post your business on the Transactions aprooval forum while following the guidelines,otherwise it wont get accepted,so for it to get accepted you must follow these guidelines:

·Title of your business
·What type of comissions you do
·The management team/Manager
·Works done by the business members/member
·Members who are available for comissions
·Prizes per comission
·Comission guidelines
·Comissions completed(optional)
·Total income from comissions(optional)

Follow these Guidelins and you're good to go!

Tips for starting a business

Prizes:People want something that's not too expensive,if you sell avatars at $250,people are most definately not gonna buy it
Design:If your design's bland,then people wont like your shop,try making it stylish,add pictures,colours,banners,whatever's good enough for the customers to feel atracted to ask for comissions.
Scamming:If you're scammed by someone,contact the moderators and they'll ban the scammer for a day and you'll recieve your money.BUT,if you scam someone by not giving them their money,YOU'LL get banned and the customer will get a refund

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[READ BEFORE POSTING HERE]Starting a Business(Business Guidelines)
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